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Anyone still here?



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Have you ever visited your country's capital city?:

I have. It was cool I guess. I wouldn't have sought out to go there, but a few years back, before Tate was born we visited Andy's parents and they took us there. 

What are your plans for next Thursday?:

I will go to my Step class, and then to work. That's all I know for sure. 

When was the last time you were outdoors for over an hour?:

Pretty sure it was Friday. 

What is the shortest amount of time you've lived somewhere?:

I moved to Florida with friends after my first major break up with a boyfriend, but only managed to stay there for a month. 

What's your favorite kind of mint? (Peppermint/wintergreen/spearmint/etc.):

I like chocolatey mints. 

What was the last thing to frustrate you?

Trying to update my bank account via my asshole phone. 

What was the first movie you ever went to see in theaters?:

I don't remember it, but it was Snow White. My mom was so worried I'd have nightmares that she ended up having them.

What's your favorite kind of survey? (this/that, alike, random, etc.):

I don't know. 

What is your least favorite kind of survey?:

I don't know that either. 

Do you do volunteer work, or have you ever done any in the past?:

I used to volunteer at a Farm Sanctuary. Feeding animals and cleaning pens. It was super neat. I loved it. 

Have you ever been to a bachelor or bachelorette party?:

I actually haven't, which is odd. 

Did any of your family members serve in WWII?:

I don't believe so..

What's your favorite kind of salad?:

I like most salads. 

Are you more realistic or idealistic?:

A little of both, but definitely more realistic most of the time. 

Do you have a home security system?:

Nope, just locks on the doors. 

Have you ever been to Ohio?:

I think I drove through it once?

Are you currently borrowing something from someone?:

Umm.. I don't think so.

Is anyone currently borrowing anything from you?:

Yes! I have a lot of movies out right now, and it's starting to make me nervous ;)

What is your last name's heritage/country of origin?:


When did you last buy a new pair of shoes? What kind?:

I just inherited shit tons of bitchin shoes (and clothes) from my sis. Mainly heels and boots. 

Is your car paid off, or do you make payments?:

Paid off

Have you ever experienced culture shock while traveling? If so, where?:

When I moved to Chicago, yes. It was really overwhelming for me to get used to a giant city. But I grew to love it, and I miss the fuck out of it now. 

Are you able to see the stars at night where you live?:

Generally, yes. But it's smokey currently. 

Do you include your middle initial in your signature?:

No way man.

What brand of computer do you have?:


What operating system does that computer run?:


Have you ever had gumbo?:

First time I had it was on Bourbon St. AMAZING

What's the oldest piece of clothing that you still own and wear?:

A bunch of concert tee's from the 90's, and a Hard Rock Cafe Paris shirt from when I went to France in '95.

Do you have a passport?:

Yes, but it's expired. 

How many miles are on your car?:

just about to cross over into the 200k's

What has been your favorite class you've ever taken?:

Advanced Painting as a senior in hs, by far.

Have you ever been to an estate sale?:

yes. I think they're sad and creepy.

How many relationships have you been in?:

I've been in love three times, including Andy. But there were lots of "for fun" boyfriends in between.. before I met Andy, obv.

When you log in to Bzoink, do you actually read your friend's survey answers on the news feed?:

bzoink, eh? I'm not familiar. 

Have you ever had Greek yogurt?:

yes, all the time. Just had Ben n Jerry's Greek froyo recently too and it was the bomb.

Is the area in which you live flat, hilly, or mountainous?:

kind of all of the above


When did you last have sex with your ex?

good grief. like 13 or so years ago.

Whose bed did you sleep in last night?


Ever romantically kissed anyone 30 or older?


Do you miss anyone?


What are you listening to?

the blissful sound of nothing. aside from the fan next to me. 

Have you held hands with anyone today?


Do you like winter?

I do not like it here or there, I do not like it anywhere. 

Do you like summer?

YES, completely. 

Do you regret anything?

kinda sorta. 

Plans for tomorrow?

more cleaning, more laundry, more gym time

Seven days from now, will you be in a relationship?

I freakin hope so

Do you like to cuddle?


Honestly, what's on your mind right now?

My ankle hurts from jump kicks in Combat tonight. And I need water. 

Do you like anyone?

I like lots of people

Who do you not get along with?

I can get along with most anyone. but if we are on completely opposing political or religious sides it's best to just not go there at all, ever. I have had friends were we could politely debate, and still respect one another, and it was awesome. But sadly that doesn't happen often. Andy's folks for example; they're very sweet and kind and we do get along, but we do not cross those boundaries. 

Last movie you watched?

Chronicle. it was pretty alright. 

Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you and meant it?


Have you ever injected a drug?


When was the last time you saw your father?

biodad; approx 2 and a half years ago. saw my stepdad a couple days ago. 

Was your last kiss a mistake?


What is bothering you right now?

my ankle

Would you take your last ex back?

Fuck no. I'm happy. 

What was the last thing you ate?

I juiced beets, carrots, spinach & celery after my work out. 

Who is the last person you sent a message to?


Ever go camping?


Are you someone's best friend?

I am

Do you have a dog?

I do. Frank. 

Have you ever met anyone famous?

A few people in bands, and a few not so famous actors. 

How did you get any of your scars?

Mostly from oven burns at work.
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Between John Waters and Lisa Lampanelli, this is going to be a hilarious Spring. 

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5:30am - wake up
followed by 20ish minutes of exercise. 
6am- shower and get ready for work.
7am- take garbage out as you leave for work

5pm- return home, hang out, help with cleaning, homework, etc.
6pm- dinner time
6:30- evening family dog walk
7pm- help get kids ready for bed.
7:30- read stories with kids and tuck in.
Sun, Tues, Thurs evenings reserved for school


morning -
wake up
let Frank out
feed AND water Frank
make bed
Have breakfast
Clean up breakfast mess
Brush teeth
Get dressed
Put on shoes and socks
Do hair

evening -
Feed Frank
Let Frank out
work on homework
have dinner
family dog walk
help clean up
bath or shower if needed
get jammies on
brush teeth
pick out clothes, and shoes, and socks for next day
read stories 


morning -
wake up
make bed
have breakfast
clean up breakfast mess
brush teeth
get dressed
shoes and socks

evening -
have dinner
family dog walk
help clean up
bath or shower if needed
get jammies on
brush teeth
pick out clothes, and shoes, and socks for next day
read stories 


5:30am wake up
6-6:30am exercise 
6:30-7am shower, get dressed, and get fully ready - even on days I'm not leaving the house
7-9am assist in getting kids ready, cleaning, etc.
9-11am sometimes go to work, sometimes go to the gym, other times clean, play, dance, make merry, listen to music, have fun!
Noon- LUNCH for myself, and the rest of us depending on who's home
12:30-3ish - working either at Tasty or at Home
3-4pm - get Ella from school (during school year) get a dinner plan ready, run last minute errands
4-5pm - dinner making, homework helping, cleaning, etc..
6pm- dinner
6:30- family dog walk
7:00pm - cello practice
8pm- tuck in kiddo's


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I have several favorite quotes, but probably my all time favorite is..

"If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with." 
- Dorothy Gale

What is your favorite quote?


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Yesterday i went to combat & pump, then to work for a few hours. Came home. More rain. Did laundry. Made a pork roast & wild rice. I had intended to go to bed early, but ended up watching The Brady Bunch on DVD and eating cheese & cracker... past 9pm. Bad girl. Of course i feel like i gained a ton of weight over night, which i know is ridiculous & that i probably didnt gain anything after working out hard for two hours & eating light & clean all day. Letting it go.

This morning i decided to skip the gym to get house and yard work done. The house is nice & picked up. Haven't done any major cleaning, but it still feels nice. I do plan to sweep, maybe mop, vacuum, do toilets and sinks, maybe tubs & showers. And kitty litter. Ella has Kung Fu this evening. I have work tomorrow. And Friday. The In-Laws arrive Saturday.

I've been really lame at being an active LJ'er lately. My apologies!

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Seven years ago at this time I was miserable. Puking with each contraction and feeling like I was on fire from the brutal magnesium drip I was given in attempt to control my rampant Pre-Eclampsia. My hospital bed was fashioned with bumpers so I wouldn't injure myself if I had a seizure and I was so swollen I was nearly unrecognizable. I'd been in labor for around 24 hours when I was finally given the okay to start pushing, and push I did. I remember the doctor saying "push push push!! STOP STOP STOP!!" I shot her out to her little waist, heard a little squeak and was filled with relief.. and more nausea. My baby girl was born. The first baby born on Earth Day, April 22nd 2004 in our hospital at 12:01am. She was 5 weeks early so they had to check her out before I got to see her or hold her. She weighed a whopping 6 pounds 3 ounces at 35 weeks gestation, and she screamed her little heart out. She came out all okay. My perfect, precious little daughter. My first baby, turning 7 years old tomorrow. It's all been worth it. All of it. 

Baby Girl, you make my world a wonderful, beautiful place. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, Baby Bundles. 

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Awhile back someone posted a link to a photo blog of women embracing their post baby bellies, and I cannot seem to find it. If any of ya'all know what I'm referring to, help a girl out! :)
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My heart is so heavy..

The dear sabonai  posted on another site that in a local high school in her state would be picketing the showing of The Laramie Project. 
Some of the things are being said about Matthew Shepard are this:

"Showing this tacky piece of fag propaganda will encourage them to experience with the lifestyle that will destroy their body, damn their soul and doom their nation. Our message to this last generation of doomed americans is DO NOT LIVE LIKE MATTHEW SHEPARD! If you do, you will die like him and spend eternity in hell where the worm that eats on you will never die and the fire is never quenched."

"A fag propaganda play about Matt Shepard. He has been in hell for 12 years now. Judy Shepard raised her son to be a disobedient drug using pervert, and God cut that child off. His blood is on her hands! From that day to this Judy Shepard has spent all her resources on teaching the young people of this nation the same rebellion that caused God to cut off her own son - and makes a hefty profit off of it! Shame on her for making money off of a child who is dead at her hands! Run from the lies told in this play - your never dying soul depends upon it! You will join Matt in hell if you follow/believe in these lies. Your destruction is imminent! Obey or Perish!"

"WBC will picket those attending the production of The Laramie Project at West Liberty University where the youth of this nation are being taught that God is a liar. This university is promoting filthy sodomite sin!"

"God killed Matthew Shepard for his proud disobedeince and he has been burning in Hell for 12 years now - with eternity left to go."

It makes me sick. 

Believe what you want. I'm not here to judge. I have friends who are very conservative, very liberal, very religious, and very non-religious. But there is respect among us. I can absolutely be friends with people with vast differences of opinion, but I cannot tolerate hatred. And that is what this is. 

If I have friends on here who disagree with me, I give you permission to cut me loose, because I will not waver on this one. This is pure evil.

When I turned 18 I began working at a local gay bar in my town of Fort Collins CO, The Tornado Club. As there were no gay clubs in Laramie, and that Fort Collins was a mere stone's throw away, around half of our patrons where from WY. I worked there for several years off and on. The money was crap and I cleaned up vomit, but I loved that job with every fiber in me. The people I met were some of the most beautiful souls I've ever come to know. One of them was Matthew Shepard. Within a few months of meeting him, he was violently taken from this world. It was absolutely gut wrenching. The bar that weekend was filled to the maximum with people who loved him, who cried into the flames of the candles they held. When he died, it was never the same. Sure, we all knew that violent acts like this occur all over the place, all the time, but having it happen to one of our own was something that I just can't explain. Every year from that point on we held a vigil for him. He was just one person who was terrorized and murdered because of who he loved. We all changed and grew from that experience, and we continue to do so.

When I was pregnant with Tate, mezdeathhead and I paid out the nose to attend the Cyndi Lauper show at Red Rocks put on by the Human Rights League in honor of Matthew Shepard. It was wonderful, beautiful, and heartbreaking. Not a dry eye in the house when she talked about him and a slide show of him playing on the big screen in the background. It was enough to tear me apart. What held me together was seeing all of these gay couples holding each other, kissing, holding hands, and loving one another. It was what Matthew wanted; to be out in the open, allowed to love who he loved. Seeing all the couple's there with all the love and peace in the air, made me really feel like Matthew was up there smiling on us all. Having my little Tate occupying my womb in that loving environment filled me with such joy.

Love is Love. 

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Stolen from the lovely lovediscomfort 

 5 Bands/Musicians You’ve Been Listening to A Lot Lately

2) M.I.A.
3) Lady Gaga
4) Leonard Cohen
5) Bad Religion

5 Things You’re Addicted To

1) Coffee
2) Food
3) Cooking
4) Movies
5) Buying books (I'm right there with you on that one, Rachel!)

5 Favorite Celebrities

1) Cillian Murphy
2) Lady Gaga
3) Andrew VanWyngarden
4) Bret Michaels
5) Ellen DeGeneres

5 Things You Hate That Everyone Seems to Like

1) Shrimp
2) Kevin Bacon
3) Twilight(!)
4) Tea
5) Rare cooked meat

5 Things That Could Be Found in Your Room

1) Books
3) lotion
4) chapstick
5) blankies

5 Movies You’ve Seen So Many Times You Can Recite Them

1) The Wizard Of Oz
2) Rosemary's Baby
3) Steel Magnolia's
4) Charlotte's Web - the old skool cartoon
5) Dead Alive

5 TV Shows You’ve Seen Every Episode Of

1) Six Feet Under (over and over)
2) The L Word
3) Twin Peaks
4) My So Called Life
5) Jersey Shore

5 Favorite Songs of the Moment

1) Indie Rokkers- MGMT
2) Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen 
3) Always Be Here- Dane Rumble
4) Sail- Awolnation
5) Bad Romance- Gaga

Put Your itunes on Shuffle - List the First 5 Songs That Come Up

1) Paper Planes- M.I.A.
2) Fallen Angel- Poison
3) Just One Fix- Ministry
4) Antichrist Superstar- Marilyn Manson
5) Superstar- Sonic Youth


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