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I'm soo getting my dogs de-barked! Juuust kidding! Seriously though, a hound dog & a beagle (aka Mini Hound-er) equals, LOUDEST most OBNOXIOUS barks evar. Good thing they're cute! ;)

I narrowly escaped a binge this afternoon. I was totally immersed in organizing Ella's closet when i realized i was an hour past lunch time. Ella requested Buttered Toast pasta (butter, garlic, black pepper & panko cooked together & tossed w/ noodles), i agreed. This pasta is so yummy & sinful & i was hungry, and wanted ALL of it. So, i thought to myself that what i really should do was eat my portioned out pesto couscous & boiled eggs. So that i did, and i did not binge! After i ate my lunch i wasn't even tempted by theirs. Success.

Tomorrow Kari & i are meeting for a 5:30am combat class. Oiiii. It will be awesome to get it done early though. That way i can also go to my 9am WW meeting & have a nice healthy start to my weekend.

Sometime this weekend i need to take a whole bunch more clothes to the resale shops. We have 2 for adults & 1 for kids. I took some of my own clothes to one place last weekend, this weekend i'll take the stuff they rejected & try to sell it elsewhere. Also, i have TONS of kid stuff to take to the kid resale shop.

Wasn't that the most interesting thing you've read all day?!

Speaking of money. I went on a mission this morning to gather up all the change i could find in the house & see what i could scrounge up. Twenty bucks, people! Cooool.

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Like most of you, i will NOT be linking any of my comments to facebook, or otherwise. Our topics on lj are sacred and deeply personal, and I'd never exploit them.

All i ask is you show me the same courtesy.

Furthermore, i think this whole new linking business is totally unnecessary for this site.

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I hear birdies singing right outside my window. So close they sound like they're inside the house. I love it.

What a way to start my day.

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I am very proud of myself.

I finally did Bikram Yoga! In case you don't know, Bikram Yoga is a class that focuses on a series of 26 specific poses, is 105 degrees, 40% humidity, and 90 minutes long. Do I even have to mention it was challenging? 

My dear friend Ellen who had been a few times thankfully got there a few minutes before I did and saved me a spot while I circled Old Town searching for parking. I was frazzled and thankful, albeit terrified to be heading to this particular yoga class. The very friendly male teacher greeted me in a speedo and was drenched in sweat. I knew I was in for it. I went in. Rolled out my mat and started sweating immediately. Then we began.

For the most part, the poses were doable, and they are one's I've seen before in regular classes. A few were quite challenging. Though, I don't know if it was the heat or the adrenaline, but I was able to go much further than I thought I would be able to on many stretches. The instructor, did just that. He didn't participate in the actual yoga unless to model the pose. this was nice because it freed him up to come around and help out if anyone (me) was doing something incorrect. He remembered my name and called me by it many times during class. I have really learned to appreciate fitness instructors that remember your name. It somehow make me feel validated and then I feel stronger and able to challenge myself further.

There were definitely a few times where I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. And certainly a few times where I though I just couldn't take another minute, but I kept on. I knew I could. And I'm glad I did.
I feel awesome. Simply fantastic. I can't wait to go again.

It was a year ago today that Papa died. I dedicated this experience to him.
I love you and miss you!!! And as always, thank you immensely for being part of my life, for raising my mother to be amazing and strong, and for creating a beautiful world for us all to have been able to grow up in. I know you are with us all.

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and happy earth day

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Ooh I ran across a great looking recipe for home made crackers I'm going to try today.
And I think I should make cookies too.
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Michele at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary just called and I start helping out my animal friends this Sunday!!

I'm so so excited. I srsly almost cried on the phone. :P

PPS banner

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We as a family do everything together. We're all sick. Again. Wheeee! I actually don't feel too horrible. Tate seems like he's feeling the worst. So snotty and sleepy. Ella is coughing but playing her little butt off as usual. Andy feels crappier than I do. If Obama doesn't win I'm going to be really sick though.

I saw another big fucking spider last night. I had to take an emergency chill pill to calm my nerves. I seriously need to get the fear hypnotized out of me. Seriously.

I cleaned the house today. It looks an smells so yummy.

I need to start reading a lot more right away or my books will be overdue. I guess I could just renew them. Maybe I'll just do that.

I want more coffee but my cold is making me lazy and I don't want to go upstairs to make it. But I should, because I'm cold and want to be warm.

Kari trimmed my hair yesterday and I feel like a new, more attractive woman. Thanks sis! She left the top alone since I'm trying to get a little more length going, but cleaned up the back and thinned it out some. It looks so much better for being a very minimal cut.

I need to make something low in fat and delicious in flavor to eat in front of the tv tonight and watch the results. What should it be? I don't know yet. I just don't know. I'm feeling quichey. A quiche sounds good. But sound fattening. Oh decisions decisions.

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